Bippi's Chilli Cocktails at Johnny's Green Room
Orange-Chilli Sour created by Johnny's Green Room for Bippi's

Bippi's Chilli Cocktails at Johnny's Green Room

That champion team at Little Big PR came up with a great way to promote Nonna-Certified chilli brand, Bippi's: spicy cocktails at Carlton's coolest rooftop bar, Johnny's Green Room.

Being a true professional, I took it upon myself to sample each of these hot cocktails, and it turns out that marscapone, chocolate and chilli go together like a dream. Meanwhile, the Olive Tapenade Martini is a no-brainer on both the literal and figurative senses of the term.

Being a shut-in, I'd never actually seen what an incredible location Johnny's Green Room really is, with it's 270-degree view of both Melbourne city, and the Dandenong Ranges out to the east. Still, being a gorgeous day, the glaring sunlight moving through the sky presented its own challenges - which were (mostly) overcome with a hard zoom reflector attached to my trusty Profoto B2s.

Besides travelling beautifully, the zoom reflector ended up being perfect for some concentrated pop through the sparkling liquid in the cocktails, and in making the direction of the shadows play nice. It's a terrible idea to take a hard reflector on a portrait shoot, but I'm definitely going to be mucking about with this shaper more for food and drink gigs.

*And, we improvised a wee loupe with a bit of cardboard and the talents of account manager, Courtney Chapman, who is way better than a lightstand!