Sutton Grange Winery's 2021 vintage of their Fairbank Field Blend


Looking back over the pics from our shoot for Sutton Grange Winery's (delicious) Fairbank range, I'm reminded of how much better work becomes whenever I collaborate with other (more talented) creatives.

This shoot was put together by my pals Elaina Barclift, a stylist and producer whose background is mostly in feature film, and Dani Marano, a Castlemaine artist and florist whose sense of style is always impeccable.

My eye is okay, and although I have a have a passable understanding of what makes an image beautiful, working with a couple of people I trust to have great taste allows me to concentrate on the technical elements of photography: of finding a compelling arrangement; of seeing something lovely and making a frame.

It also helps that when the product is reliably excellent. The team at Sutton Grange, led by winemaker Melanie Chester and general manager Adam Cash, have achieved something special with Fairbank: creating a range of affordable table wines that showcase the region's unique climate and terrior without relying on bottle-age or oak. They're tasty, contemporary and cheap. Why aspire to anything else?