Liam Neeson for Film Victoria

Liam Neeson for Film Victoria

One of the weirder gigs I've ever been commissioned for was to photograph Liam Neeson at a Dandenong Ball-Pit. It was during the height of the pandemic, while the actor was in Australia shooting 'Blacklight', and Film Victoria decided to host a socially-distanced junket.

Quite sensibly, the artist formerly known as Qui-Gon Jinn was more than a little paranoid about contracting the Spicy Cough, and insisted on remaining masked during the press-call. As reasonable as that sounds in retrospect, it did call into question the purpose of my being there at all - if everyone had masks on, who's to say Neeson was even in the country? Perhaps it was just another weathered Irishman we'd dragged in off the street...

Victorian Minister for Creative Industries Danny Pearson

Thankfully, Neeson and his minders relented for forty or fifty seconds: enough time for me to bottle the shot of him glowering down the lens as though I'd kidnapped his daughter. Still, it was quite a sight to witness the degree of frothing one Hollywood celebrity can inspire in the Far-Eastern suburbs on a lazy Monday.

Film Victoria CEO Caroline Pitcher

For those curious few, check out the 'Blacklight' trailer below...